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Latest NSC Cardiology News

  • 2023 self-pay rates – we continue to have some of the lowest self-pay rates in the city which is excellent for people with high deductibles that may want to avoid using their insurance plan. Click here
  • Heart Protection Prevention Program – for individuals who do not have cardiac symptoms but want to know ensure their heart is healthy please consider this exciting convenient and personalized package. Ideal also as a gift to a loved one. Click here
  • HPPP lecture series – we continue to offer an outstanding lecture series delivered by the NSC cardiology team on a monthly basis. The next lecture is by Lindsay Happe. Entitled Dietary Advice- What makes sense? on Aug 26 at 11 AM. For full lecture series information see attached link Click here

Drugs And Heart Health
Intelligent Management Of Heart Conditions

We are experts on all aspects of pharmaceutical management of heart issues. Trust our team to find the right combination of medications to manage your heart condition for life. We provide comprehensive resources to help you understand your options and are on the leading edge of drug medication research and clinical trials here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Providing Patient Centered, Evidence-Based, Holistic Care.