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Implantable Loop Recorder (ILR) In Atlanta

An Implantable Loop Recorder (ILR) is a cardiac monitoring device placed under the skin that allows the activity of the heart to be recorded before, during, and after abnormal heart rhythm. Electrical activity from the heart can be continuously recorded in a loop, but is replaced with later recordings unless triggered for storage by the patient or by heart activity outside of parameters determined by a physician. Patients may be asked to press a button when they feel symptoms of arrhythmia, such as palpitations, a “racing” heart, dizziness, fatigue, or shortness of breath. This triggers the device to save the recording for the time period around the event, which can be later retrieved.

These monitors are similar to Holter monitors and event recorders, but their placement within the body makes them more appropriate for longer-term and continuous care. After adequate sedation, a local anesthetic is applied and a small incision made below the patient’s left collarbone. An area of skin is teased up to form a pocket holding the ILR, and electrical leads are placed to monitor the heart. Implantation is generally an outpatient procedure with minimal restrictions on activity. Patients will be instructed on how to use the recorder by their physician, and will schedule appointments to have its data retrieved for interpretation.