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Research Team

Research Team

To contact our Research Office, please call (678) 208-0165 or fax (678) 695-7565

Narendra Singh, MD

Director- Clinical Research,
NSC Research

With more than a decade in the Atlanta area, cardiologist Dr. Singh brings to his practice a wealth of experience with patients and local resources. He is active in clinical, research, and educational endeavors advancing the standard of cardiac care. Dr. Singh focuses on primary and secondary prevention using a holistic approach of lifestyle modification and evidence based drug therapy. He believes in providing you with the most up to date, professional advice, thus empowering you to make the best decisions about your cardiac condition.

Crystal Richards

Practice Administrator
NSC Cardiology

Johns Creek, GA Research Site

Marisol Ramos MBA, CRC

MBA, Clinical Research Coordinator, NSC Research

Juli Zabala CRC

Clinical Research Coordinator, NSC Research