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Lindsey Happe

Lindsey Happe

Director of Marketing and Patient Relations
NSC Cardiology

Lindsey Happe is the Director of Marketing and Patient Relations for NSC Cardiology. She also provides support for billing and accreditation.

Lindsey was born in Palm Beach, Florida but has resided in Georgia since early childhood. Prior to working at NSC Cardiology, Lindsey was a Medical Billing and Authorizations Manager as well as Patient Relations Manager.
Lindsey is also a certified Nutritionist and Professional Photographer. Lindsey runs several social clubs such as St.Marlo book club and she enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society in her free time.

Lindsey and her family live in Duluth, where evenings and weekends are consumed by the kids’ extracurricular activities and neighborhood gatherings. They also enjoy traveling around the country, hiking, fishing and boating at Lake Hartwell where they have a second home.