Cassidy Bartz

After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Georgia State University and completing a clinical internship in the orthopedic trauma unit at Atlanta Medical Center I moved abroad for a year. Throughout 2018 I traveled through New Zealand working on farms and caravanning across the country in an old minivan I converted into a camper, complete with bed, bath and kitchen!

Returning to the US, I continued working in the medical field assisting in emergency surgery and eventually joining Dr. Singh’s clinic. I am very much enjoying working with Dr. Singh and the team and plan to one day attend medical school myself.

Outside of work I enjoy traveling as often as I am able.  As a former collegiate athlete, I am also an avid gym rat, and happiest when I am doing anything outside. I have been a volunteer with Camp Kudzu for more than ten years, which serves over 400 children with Type1 diabetes each summer. Having attended the camp as a child myself, I am incredibly grateful for the education, experiences and friendships it provided me growing up, and I would be more than happy to share information with anyone who may also be interested in volunteering.