With more than a decade in the Atlanta area, Dr. Singh brings to his practice a wealth of experience with patients and local resources. He is active in clinical, research, and educational endeavors advancing the standard of cardiac care. Dr. Singh focuses on primary and secondary prevention using a holistic approach of lifestyle modification and evidence based drug therapy. He believes in providing you with the most up to date, professional advice, thus empowering you to make the best decisions about your cardiac condition.

Our practice actively pursues clinical research, providing opportunities for cutting-edge care in clinical trials and through his association with the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University – Health Sciences Center. Our professional research team brings further talent and expertise to help provide the best quality of care. Trials have included the testing of innovative therapies, analysis of patient outcomes and care access, as well as examinations of heart disease in South Asian populations!

On this site, you may meet Dr. Singh and the rest of our staff, schedule appointments, find resources describing your care, and learn more about the research we conduct. For questions, please contact us using the information above!

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Current News From Dr. Singh

  • Over the years medical research has advanced our knowledge of medicine. Treatments for various diseases and illnesses are now available because of research studies. While advancements are welcomed by most, not so is the ability to take that leap of faith and sign up for a research study.
  • Fear, misinformation and lack of trust may keep patients and volunteers from helping advance the knowledge of medicine and treatments.
    At the forefront of worldwide research is Dr. Narendra Singh, board certified cardiologist and Director of Clinical Research with Atlanta Heart Specialists, LLC. He leads a nationally and internationally recognized research team
    based out of Cumming Georgia.
  • Please send any comments, questions, and any vital feedback for us to improve the quality of our service to you by sending an email to drsingh@heartdrsingh.com.

We offer a full range of in-hospital services . We currently practice at Northside Hospital – Forsyth, Emory-Johns Creek Hospital, Dekalb Medical Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Should you require hospitalization, we have hospital privileges to admit and personally care for you at these facilities. We also provide consultative cardiology services to other physicians that admit to these hospitals. As in our offices, rest assured that you will receive the finest care in a compassionate and personal manner.


Dr. Singh offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic cardiovascular services across multiple office locations.

His practice incorporates the latest in cardiovascular imaging technology and the technical expertise available through outstanding local hospitals to guide care with the personal touch of the professional staff.

We take pride in the quality of our diagnostic studies, and strive to fulfill all of your cardiovascular needs in a single convenient and friendly environment.

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